Nothing defines us better than the clients we serve.

  We are so pleased to be able to work with so many good people at so many great organizations.


Attestation : Include audits, reviews and compilations of financial statements.  Our primary product is an audit of financial statements.  We provide a handful of reviews and compilations.  Our audits include audits performed in accordance with the standards for financial audits contained in Government Audit Standards, issued by the Government Accountability Office and the Single Audit Act.  For many of these clients we also assist in the preparation of the IRS Form 990.

Bookkeeping and Accounting : ·We provide a variety of other bookkeeping and accounting services.  These range from serving as the outsourced CFO and finance office to assisting with bank reconciliations on a monthly basis.

IRS Compliance : ·We assist many clients in the preparation of the Form 990 series of returns.  These include the Form 990, Information Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax; Form 990-EZ, Short Form Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax; Form 990-N, Electronic Notice for Tax-Exempt Organizations, and Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return.  We also assist in the preparation of Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section, 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.