Peer Reviews


Why peer reviews?

At Kattell and Company we strive to always hold ourselves to the highest degree of excellence for our clients. In accordance with professional standards, Kattell and Company has established quality control policies and procedures to provide assurance that our accounting and auditing engagements conform to the highest standards.

Professional standards require that we undergo an external peer review at least once every 3 years.In many ways a peer review is like an audit. An independent party inspects a sample of our work and provides an opinion and, if applicable, a letter of comments.

The results of a peer review are communicated in a Peer Review Report. The peer review process is coordinated by the Florida Peer Review Committee. This committee must accept the peer review report before it can be published. The committee communicates its acceptance in a letter. Professional standards require that the peer review be made available to the public.

Click below to view the Peer Review Report and the letter of acceptance by the Peer Review Committee.


The peer review will:

  • Review the adequacy and results of internal monitoring procedures.

  • Review audit and attestation engagement reports and

    related documentation.

  • Review documents necessary for assessing compliance

    with standards, CPE and relevant human resource management files.

  • Include interviews with professional staff regarding their

    understanding of compliance with the policies and procedures.

  • Include the selection of audits and attestation engagements

    that provide a reasonable cross-section of all types of work.

    subject to the quality control system including assignments performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.